From a legal point of view the answer is no, BUT, can you afford not to be insured?

Check out this very sad, but totally avoidable incident, click here,  and then read on…..

Remember, we live in a society where litigation is a very popular pastime, and it has never been easier to sue our fellow citizen.

At any time you are out flying your drone you could end up on the receiving end of a legal action should things not go to plan and you either hurt a member of the public or damage their property.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your drone is or whether you fly on private or public land, you could still be sued if you are involved in an incident for which you are ultimately found to be responsible.

The only way to protect yourself in such circumstances is through an appropriate public liability insurance policy, without such cover in place a successful action against you could result in you being personally liable for any damages or compensation award made to the third party.

The policy provided as part of the British Model Flying Association is the best available and includes public liability protection up to £25 million for lawful recognised activity, and personal accident cover up to £35,000 all for £33.00 per year (just 64 pence a week).

The policy is valid anywhere in the world and makes no stipulation regarding the type or location of the flying site, only that you operate lawfully.

So, instead of asking “do you really need insurance”? The far more important question is “Can you afford not to have insurance”?